FOODBEAST, "4th Of July Video Captures Food And Fireworks Exploding In Beautiful Slow-Motion"

I had a small but brilliant team who made all this happen. Brett Long was our food stylist who worked in tandem with Mike Quattrocchi (our fireworks technician) to attach M80 and mortar fireworks to watermelons, potato salad, Jell-O molds and hot dogs for precision in our blasts.

PAPER MAGAZINE, "When Food Has Feelings"

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One of the biggest challenges in getting this show made was Real world/Puppet world continuity. We only had two days in to shoot in studio, so we often had to shoot scenes out of order (i.e. all the wide-shot host scenes on the first day and all the closeup food shots on the second day) so ensuring all the elements were on the countertop were placed properly was difficult. Brett Long, our food stylist and culinary producer also did an amazing job ensuring we had our food prepped and ready in every state from kebab’ed, to grilled to marinated so we could stay on schedule.
— Theron Long | PAPER Magazine